Micke Grove

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We got to meet Cristin, Fiona, Margo and Emma at Micke Grove today. They girls had so much fun and the zoo and the splash pad. Us mom had a good time catching up as well. It sucks that they live so far away, it would be nice to let them play more often.

We got to feed nectar to the Lorikeets, Aleksia though that was the coolest thing. She was so very brave holding that cup of nectar and letting the bird drink from it. All the girls were so good and not scared at all. One of the birds even nibbled on Aleksia's thumb, it made her jump but she didn't cry or complain at all. My brave girl.

Hopefully next time we get together will be at Disneyland, that is where Crisitn and Fiona live. That would be so much fun.

Here is a cute video of them singing...
at 5:45 PM



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