3 Months Old

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My little princess, Brooklyn, is 3 months old today.  She is such a good baby.  She is so smiley and talkative.  She is a great sleeper and great nurser.  She is getting so big.  We are still exclusively breastfeeding and cloth diapering 99% of the time now.  She is doing great with both.  She went swimming for the first time today.  She just chilled in her little floaty thing. She cried for maybe a second and then was all good.  Will post pictures soon.

By the end of month two a baby typically:
  • Smiles - check
  • Tracks objects with his eyes - check
  • Makes noises other than crying - check
  • May repeat vowel noises, such as "ah" or "ooh" - check

By the end of month three a baby typically:
  • Raises head and chest when put on tummy - check
  • Lifts head up 45 degrees - check
  • Kicks and straightens legs when on back - check
  • Open and shuts hands - check
  • Pushes down with legs when placed on a hard surface - check
  • Reaches for dangling objects - check
  • Grasps and shakes hand toys - not quite but she still has time, hehe
  • Tracks moving objects - check
  • Begins to imitate sounds - not quite
  • Recognizes familiar objects and people, even at a distance - check
  • Begins to develop a social smile - check
  • Begins to develop hand-eye coordination - check
  • Brings both hands together - check
  • Interested in circular and spiral patterns - check
  • Kicks legs energetically - check
  • Holds head up with control - check
Looks like she is right on track.  She has also trying to roll and has laughed a few times.

Her eat/sleep schedule:

Eats - 6/7am then goes right back to sleep.
Up for the day - 10am
Naps - 12pm - 1pm
Eats - 1pm
Naps - 2pm - 4:30pm
Eats - 4:30pm
Naps - 6pm - 7pm
Bed time - 10pm

Aleksia just loves her little sister and is already asking for a brother.  Oh my!

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Babies, babies and more babies.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I have been shooting babies like crazy.  Five in the past two weeks.  I also did two one year olds and a family.  Of course I got some of my two cutie pies as well.  Been so busy, but busy is good cause the money is always a plus.

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot, please feel free to email me at karriehansen@gmail.com.

Here are some of my recent shoots.

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